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Perspectives & Objectives (2013)

by Antillectual

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Soundtrack 04:13
How do you sleep at night? Wake up and smell the apathy Why don't we hit the streets? Live life a little less carefree Less “no”, more “YEAH!”, it seems we're stuck at “maybe” Not just a piece of the pie, we want the whole fucking bakery Fuck fact-free politics 'mockracy, I can't believe the state we're in Our state ruled by hypocracy, we're preaching water, drinking wine Less “no”, more “YEAH!” Let this be the soundtrack of how you change your life, no-one will do it for you Let this be the soundtrack of how we change our world, there's only “us” When was the last time you did something for the first time? We'll only regret things we didn’t do How can you care so little about the world we live in? Just because you don't care doesn't mean it doesn't matter I love these songs and books edging our minds like pencil sharpeners There are no pros and cons to giving a shit when you're in it for the message From Russian Pussy Riot, re-educated Indo-punks, to stoned emos in Irak We got freedom of speech but nothing to say while spring is spreading everywhere What kind of message do we send the opposition of the willing if we don't even seem to care Tough shit, everything is political, there's no escape, a-political is just impossible Too bad, songs won't change a thing at all, needless to say, revolts need to be audible
Welcome to le jungle, we got fun 'n' games We got everything you want, you only have your dreams Welcome to paradise, you're here to keep it clean We only tolerate you, working our machines as slaves “They only care about their own share” Where do you think they got their inspiration? We only care about our own share How dare you blame them pursuing a better life Some doors, once opened, will never shut again The golden cage is cracked, come in, a chance for all to win Les sans-papiers, les sans-culottes, laissez faire Everyone is a fortune hunter, now deal with it
I can't get used to that you can't get used to this That they walk hand in hand or publicly kiss Retarded reactionaries won’t let them get married Ironic mustaches unite, Gaga is on our side I just can’t get used to it, in the safety of our own house I thought we got this over with, closets closed, please come out But they won't toss the bouquet nor the salad or their fiance You let them toss and turn all night with Gaga by their side Why are you so fucking scared of those you call so fucking weak? Why are you so fucking scared? Ask, tell and raise some hell Always defending family values, you speak of moral poverty If you defined it less obtuse I maybe would agree Be welcome at the NFL, no more “don’t ask, don’t tell” It’s the players’ and the soldiers’ right to have Gaga on their side We adopt you as our own, we see you as one of us But don't think you're not alone, you're an outlaw nonetheless We enjoy your idiosyncrasy, we love our mascot to be a drag But don't touch or approach me personally, don't come to close, step back
Feel free to parade on the dog and pony show We’ll carry our load in the meantime Don’t call it just luck, what happens off stage you don't know It's simply a choice, make up your mind Alright stop, collaborate and listen If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen Who told you that this was going to be easy? Nobody told you that you would surely prevail What holds you back from doing as you please? Those who never try will never fail But who knows, all placed bets might turn out wrong I'll stick with this horse for as long as it's on the run I've looked it up, I’ve tracked it down in the brochure But couldn't find “give up” or “slow down”
Pink Print 03:00
I would hate this to sound sexist: "This goes out to all the girls" So few here, girlfriends, wives and cooks. From the back of the room, only here for the looks? I hoped we could provide a safer alternative in this gated community But it seems we've failed Contrary to popular beliefs girls are not just donuts. How we warn our daughters shows how civilized we are What do you expect, examples given and standards set? How we treat our maids shows how civilized we are Stop burning the witches, burn our blueprints on their stakes And use the second sex' craft to bake a pink print for a change
In a world of shifting paradigms we can't but do it together Increasing international affairs, we’re all in this together The map we use to see our world has expired long ago Its architects don't see the change, they never check below It's perspective, if anything, a different view in closeup Locals have revamped the scenery, I hope the news catches on I am a member of parliament Representing all citizens Not just one single nation but the whole fucking world Let a new solidarity trickle up You are a member of parliament We all are members of parliament
Class, please open your books on chapter 3 About a period in time not that unique The best intentions unveiled by history The past has been written, let's try to read Will you remember? How we loved to play keep-away Girls and gays were seen as a different race Considering other races animals Treating animals as bad as beasts Will you remember? That we forgot to put things in perspective Future history, a past yet to come Will you remember? Progress was not us moving ahead It only meant the rest was moving back Having more future in front than past behind What harms us most now never came to mind
Bullies 03:05
“You stink, you are fat and you are ugly What the hell are you wearing?” Some examples from a bully's menu “Kids can be so cruel” “You stink, you are fat and you are ugly What the hell are you wearing?” Random commercials on our TV “You want to become cool?” Everybody wants to be unique But nobody wants to stand out Sweaty, smelly, hairy, belly; not all dwarfs fit the fairy tale Photoshop can save us all Flash-forwards to a promising future Give me flashbacks to a troubled past Manipulated, objectified and brainwashed Solutions to a problem we never addressed Don't believe them, the schoolyard bullies when you were young Don't believe them, the corporate bullies that tell you wrong Don't believe their fairy tales, “improving” who you are Don't buy what the bullies tell or sell you
Mother married the minister, she got divorced because of the abuse Sold her body to the businessman, as before, the kids got bruised Mother's task, to look after us, disregarded by her taste in men Best for all would be to stress: please, be a single mom again We, the kids, file for divorce We, the kids, had it with these conflicts of interest Keep in mind the welfare of us all Keep your eyes focused on the ball
Books 03:44
Dearly beloved, we're gathered here today To talk about a book we loved to death Reflecting on the message of the pen Its stories read over and over again But this book is not just about somewhere else Starring each and every single one of us Pages filled with our own memories, masterplans Never forgotten, no not ever and ever again It's up to us to write the sequel, It's up to us to live unfinished stories As we are the writers, the actors and the audience all in one Sadly enough some books are no longer near Before we finish them they seem to have disappeared Or you find out they have an open end When you turn the last page over and over again It's up to us to write the sequel, It's up to us to live unfinished stories The future is unwritten, let's try to write It's up to us to write the sequel, It's up to us to live unfinished stories As we are the writers, the actors and the audience all in one But as with everything, when books get older their pages crumble Blank spots, dried out ink, when books get older they disassemble But as with everything, when we get older we start to stumble Blind eyes, dried out skin, what is left are the words and what we'll remember


released August 23, 2013

Recorded between January - March 2013 at eRock studio Panningen, XPZ Sound Studio and Van Halenstreet Studio by Nico van Montfort and Antillectual. Mixed and mastered by Nico at XPZ Sound. All songs written and performed by Antillectual. Gang vocals on Soundtrack by “Crazillectual”: Myrthe, Roos, Bette and Anne. Cello and violin on Future History, cello on Bullies by Sylvia Folgers. Hammond / organ on Soundtrack and With Gaga on Our Side by Stijn Bus. Gang vocals on To All Members Of Parliament by The Legion Of Ex-Bass-Players: Tim Vantol, Tom Nieuwenhuis & Koen Damman. Artwork by David Finke, front cover photo by Christian Pankratz.




Antillectual Nijmegen, Netherlands

Antillectual from Nijmegen, the Netherlands plays a socially conscious, melodic blend of music, ranging from ‘90’s skate punk to ‘00’s emo and ‘10’s orgcore. Creating their own unique blend of stolen riffs and borrowed song titles, while carrying the torch of European punkrock. ... more


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