Start From Scratch! (2010)

by Antillectual

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released November 1, 2010

Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Nico van Montfort (XPZ Sound) and Antillectual




Antillectual Nijmegen, Netherlands

Antillectual from Nijmegen, the Netherlands plays a socially conscious, melodic blend of music, ranging from ‘90’s skate punk to ‘00’s emo and ‘10’s orgcore. Creating their own unique blend of stolen riffs and borrowed song titles, while carrying the torch of European punkrock. ... more


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Track Name: Every Crisis Is a Moral Crisis
Bring it on
Let's start from scratch

We need a reality check
Armed with second opinions
Not afraid to use them
Now it's time, time for plan B

My First Crisis
This is not a drill
Too true to be good
Think outside the box

Every crisis is a moral crisis
Now we can become what we want to be

The system broke
Repairing is not possible
Replacing the only option
Recycling what is useful

Now the dust has settled
It's up to us
We want regime change
Track Name: Buyer's Remorse
Stop calling me sick!
This is not the disease I meant
Healthcare for all
This is not the cure I need
Swallow it whole
Who doesn't want to become a doctor
I will tongue your pills
Don't want to be a healthy consumer

Built to resist
Challenge everything
I can't believe it's not out yet, how come we buy it, time after time
Maybe we're born with it, maybe it's make-believe, I'm lovin' it

I object, practically and principally
Supported by overpriced products and underpaid temp jobs
I hope our backs didn't hurt your knives?

On your profit crusade
Selling the biggest dwarf alive
Despise the converted
Selling the smallest giant alive
Where is our money?
Bailing out the sinners
Where is our lobby?
What happened to our voice our vote

Where dreams begin
Let's make things better
The best a man can get
Make the most of now
Impossible is nothing
Just do it, yes we can
Because you're worth it
Be all you can be
Track Name: The Hunt Is On!
The hunt is on! The gloves are off!
Another attempt to protect your own self interest
Another attempt to corrupt our moral principles
Denying rights to those who blow their whistle

Corruption, fraud and dirty linen
Whistle-blowers outlawed by established authorities
Losing the battle but hopefully winning the war

Sexual abuse among the abstinent
Selling us cigarettes for medicines
Price-fixing pushing the prices
Illegal weapon trade and export

Corporate, clerical and political arrogance
Exuberance, I hope it will fall
And push up those who have been pushed down before
Never asked for this role but they'll play it

The church in all its manifestations
The political arena and all its participants
The corporate community and those who rule it
All scared to death their crooked secrets will come out
Track Name: America's Worst Role Model
Why the hell should we follow you?
What kind of example is this?
America's worst role model
Reconcile, "shock and awe"

Why the hell should we follow you?
For the example you set at home?
The government allows the industry
To tease us with what they forbid

Selling you sex when it's oh so wrong
But having a gun is your right
A sweet and sour taste is all that's left
Once you tasted forbidden fruit

Only god can judge you, you say
Only god can judge the USA and its policy
What do you think his verdict will be?
Is god still on your side?

But thank god I'm not religious
All these omens would be threatening me
Scared to death I'd reconsider
And regret that everything is a reaction

Two-faced ethics, fond of scandals and hypocrisy
Impose morality from above
Media bombing us with "wardrobe malfunctions" from below
Track Name: Cut The Ground From Under Our Feet
Nike commercials telling me that skateboarding is not a crime
Maybe not anymore since they bailed it out
From independent and resistant to contracts, million dollar cars
Upgrading culture, conformed to cruise on the main stream

Graffiti in the galleries, studded belts at the H&M
Tattoos on the playing field, counterculture fully enclosed

Upgrade underground culture if you cannot forbid their domain
Or push them out of the market. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em

They try to cut the ground from under our feet and steal our thunder
How are we supposed to dissociate us from them?
And resist against the mainstream if that mainstream keeps on chasing us
Before you know it, you will hear this, on your radio
Track Name: "Kraken Gaat Door!"
The next casualty in line
The next threat rising from youth culture
Either disarmed or illegalized
Downgraded and removed

Squatting is not a crime
Squatting continues

The petty bourgeoisie at war with their own legacy
Defending speculation
Artists, students, bands like us
Culture in general, greatly indebted to squatting

A shelter
For what is valuable
For what is not for sale
For what has no commercial interest at all

Callousness, why should I care
I've got my house, I can drink my beer
Ignore its role in art and housing
Stress the conflicts and incidents

A place for those without one
A home for those without one
An outlet for those without one
No squatter is illegal
Track Name: Some Of My Best Friends Are Meat Eaters
"It's dead already"
"As if you make a difference"
"You don't know what you're missing"
"It's in our nature"

Inconsistency galore
Bullfights nay, slaughtering OK?
Double standards the norm
Fur pelts nay, leather jackets OK?

Let's get this done
Take the next step, emancipate
Beware of sliding scales and slippery slopes
Pamela Anderson, Weird Al Yankovic, Hitler and Meatloaf can't be wrong
Join the club, enter our sky box

Moral crusaders
Shout down to the plebs
A call to morality, the always effective
"It's in your own best interest"

Somewhere halfway it's me
Climbing the slope
Together with the rest of us
So far to go

Join the club
Track Name: Chinese Takeover
Take a look at our economy
Take a look at our politics
Take a look at our morality
What a chance to progress

A Western world at sixes and sevens
Now is the time
To push over what is staggering
And welcome the new paradigm


Opportunities for others
The orient knocking on our door
Claiming what is theirs
And a final closure of colonization

But to every advantage
There is a disadvantage
Together with their takeaway
We import and accept their standards
Track Name: Our Hearts
We are the poets who scream
Stumble and swear
We are the artists who paint
With black and gray

This is a personal fight, this fight is personal

We shut the fuck up
And let our actions speak
We cheat on life
With five finger discount

We embrace the night with adventure in our eyes
With fire in our hearts
Every silence that we break, every life that we reclaim

We seek for the beaches
Beneath the pavement*
We look for the forests
Behind the skyscrapers
Track Name: The New Jew
Forget about the fascists
Forget about the communists
We are in need of a new enemy
Thank god we found one, the new jew

Without "you" we don't know who "we" are

We need a new enemy
To consolidate those divided
We need a new enemy
Create cohesion, one national family

We are fighting wars of fear
Terrorized by intimidation

Panic and fear spreading insecurity

Their uproar against us
A natural reaction
Could you swear to react different
Under the same circumstances?

Criminalized as threat
Generalized and forced to deviate
From our biases
Biased till proven otherwise
Track Name: Classic Themes Never Get Old
You might think it is old fashioned
To preach about the bio industry

You might think it is not hip
To worry about nuclear waste

You might think it is politically correct
To fight discrimination

You might think it's simply boring
To use words like capitalism

Old fashioned, not hip & politically correct
But in this changing world there are certain rights worth fighting for
Human, animal and environmental rights
Of all times, of all places, always of value

Anti-globalism, climate change
Making politics sexy again
It's getting hot in here
Trim your sail to the wind of change

A weather beaten dusty squat our foundation
The maxims on its walls our inspiration
Track Name: So Much More
Patience, time to relax
This is what people do in their weekends
This is what some do for a hobby
A nice distraction to others

It certainly should not be
That forced family meeting
The same faces, talks and expectations
Even though it sometimes feels just like one

This is our life
We put our hearts and heads into
My brain, my hands, want to be inspired

We are not in it for the back stage beer
Not for the girls
We are not in it for the after-party
Or the big pay-check at the end of every month

Fuck the reunions, fuck the macho competition
Fuck the hypes, if I can't revolt, it's not my party

This is our life
We prefer it meaningful
Not our safe haven