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ENGAGE! (2016)

by Antillectual

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released July 29, 2016

All songs written and performed by Antillectual. Produced by Jochem Jacobs, Bouke Visser & Antillectual. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jochem Jacobs at Split Second Sound, Amsterdam. Vocals recorded by Bouke Visser at Split Second Sound. Songs 1, 3, 4 & 5 co-produced by Martin Beusker at Mailmen Studio, Utrecht. Tracks 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 co-produced by Robin van Loenen. Additional vocals by Thomas Barnett on track 2, and Nathan Gray on track 7. Nathan’s vocals were recorded by Chad Istvan in Elkton, Maryland. Artwork: Sebas Verdikt




Antillectual Nijmegen, Netherlands

Antillectual from Nijmegen, the Netherlands plays a socially conscious, melodic blend of music, ranging from ‘90’s skate punk to ‘00’s emo and ‘10’s orgcore. Creating their own unique blend of stolen riffs and borrowed song titles, while carrying the torch of European punkrock. ... more


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Track Name: Priest Without a Religion
I am a priest without a religion
Ethic revival is the mission

Darwin stripped us of our animal instincts
Nietzsche cut our divine strings
Started as a waiver, turned out a free fall
Knapsacks sold as parachutes

I am a priest without a religion
A secular evangelist
A philanthropic terrorist
These times are calling for a guide

Economic cramps are only small hiccups
When we're faced with primal fears

These times are calling for a guide to reach the other side
Ethic revival is the mission as philanthropic terrorist
Track Name: Europe, This Is Your Final Countdown
Riddle me this:
Last century you were building bridges
Your prestige project based on “Nie wieder Krieg”

Riddle me that:
This century you are building fences
Lunch money bullies, all hail to “Nie wieder Krise”

True solidarity

I'll tell you this:
Next centuries won't know your fortress
Torn down the gates, no longer need for the keys

True solidarity, there's no union without you and I
True solidarity, don't you dare to defy

From being toys of budget fetishists
To helping hands and righteous altruists
From selling out as social democrat
To serve the proletariat

So stop to squeeze, no more Greek tragedies
Not on our coast, no more dead refugees
Not on our watch, no floating casualties
Not in our name, no fake remedies
Track Name: I Wrote This Song
Nobody ever accused me of having the urge to be a romantic
Nobody ever accused me of anything close to being nostalgic
All I ever mean to be is purely optimistic
But I almost can't recall when we were synergetic

‘Cause lately you only contribute hate
About what others contribute and create

All I want is to spread the hope
Negativity, I can't cope
All I want is to prove you wrong
But instead I wrote this song

It's that you're doing exactly what you're blaming others, they're of no avail
In fact the worst part of this is you're changing me into what shouldn't prevail
Your pessimism infects me, transposes me into that sad minor scale
And I almost tend to what I can't stand in detail
Track Name: Racist Rash
It's in our heads
It's in our commonality's threads

Afraid to lose our grip we cling to false security
Fictitious beacons of a national identity
Why not denaturalize, rid static uniformity?
Why carry around this fake ID?

Respect existence or expect resistance

It's in our heads, there is a virus
It's in our commonality's threads, widespread among us

Strategic benefits, white privilege, ignorance is bliss
Don't let the suspect judge his own case

But these colonial carnivals, our imperial offense
Give us colonial hangovers, the immigrant's revenge
Track Name: Change the Standard
For the first time in history we won't be better off than our parents
We are the first generation that will not rise above the last
But let's not mix things up, define the fruit from your labor
You're taking quantity over quality, you're talking apples and oranges

Let's sort out means and ends
Cooking and facebook friends
Let's set this straight
Well-being is the greatest good and wealth is just a gate

It's time, change the standard
How can we measure life if we don't understand it

Change those birthday conversations, stop boasting your shallow success
The red herring known as GDP is what you're gonna tell your kids?

It's time, change the standard
How can we measure life if we don't understand it
It's time to change the standard
How can we measure life if we don't understand and learn to set our priorities straight
Track Name: From Hipster Kids to Hardliners
For who? By who?
This is how I think that it should be:
For all! By all!
Safety in numbers, the more we can win

For who? By who?
This is how it really seems to me:
For you! By you!
Excluding the others, stay close to your kin

We need them all: the hipster kids, the hardliners, even the gateway bands
We need them all: the infotainment, the bumper stickers and molotovs

For who? By who?
All this to save generation Z
For then! By now!
Invest in the future, surpass what has been

We may not believe in the exact same things, as long as we believe in each other
I know one thing for sure: if we try, we might
I know that if we don't, we certainly won't
Track Name: The Players & the Game
Foolishly I thought that our work was done
Sadly our cognitive dissonance has won
Interns are running these obese economies
Calculating idiots are procreating policies

Smoke filled rooms, the status quo resumes
Players stay the same, let's change the game

White collar criminals are walking the line
Citizens suffering their victimless crime

Players stay the same, boys will be boys

We can do without the rules of corporate culture
We can do without the push of invisible hands
We can boo, kick out the fools, the scorpions and vultures
We can chew, spit out, use tools like invisible fists
Start anew without the fumes in smoke filled rooms

Smoke filled rooms, the status quo is doomed
Players stay the same, so let's quit the game
Track Name: Follow That Bike!
Follow that bike, it's on the run
Its speed enhanced by XTC
With a girlfriend on the back, she rides the dike
Resolutely following her course

As the police chase for the avant garde continues
The world awaits while she is taking off, off to never-neverland

Follow that bike, heading for a world as yet unseen
Follow that bike, maybe I'm just homesick for a place I've never been

By default against the stream
Fighting windmills on her wooden shoes
Ignoring all red signs and smoking pot
Civil disobedience is alive

Follow that bike, it's on the run
Follow that bike, it's having too much fun
Track Name: Appetite for Construction
I've got a billion dollar bill that says the crisis is over
Green is the new black

Then again in what kind of world is the pope the most progressive leader?
The black Messiah was a lie

Today's major threats: smart machines and dumb people taking over
Our biggest enemies: ignorance and fear

Life now is better than it ever was before
I sense an appetite for construction, an urge for something more
We're all spokes in this big spinning wheel, onward to a better deal
Life now is what the past called for

Or is the greatest thing we did correcting our own wrongs
Are we just fighting self-inflicted forest fires?

Life now is better than we ever hoped for

Point of reference or regression?
Walking back in a speeding train?
Is it hype or recognition?
Get with the program
Track Name: One Size Fits All
“Life is what you make of it
While you're busy making other plans”
A vague phrase offers some relief
As his future slips out of his hands

Life is what you make of shit
Mostly doing things that others planned
All expectations he should meet
Refused, he takes a stand

One size fits all, live life like you mean it
One size fits all, but we deserve more

All his friends are dad or mom
Putting the “dull” back in adulthood
All their dreams are dead and gone
No sir, the promised land doesn't look that good

If they're not gonna live the life we dreamt of long ago, we will
If they forget to cherish phases we would not outgrow, we will

One life fits all, live your life like you mean it
We deserve more than what we settled for
Track Name: Obsessive Cosmetic Disorder
Spoiler alert! For a modern misconception
Ain't it absurd that we moved in this direction
Esthetics outweigh all concerns about our hygiene
While no-one ever checked this meme

Cosmetic obsession
What you see isn't what you get

Spoiler alert! For what nears its expiration
We might get hurt, we might risk eradication
But if we learn to understand that shape ain't content
Imagine how much waste we will prevent

All this applies to humans, to fruit, guitars, and homes; all beautified on the outside
It’s distracting us all, looks good, at peace, you think; yet battlefields on the inside
Track Name: All in the Mix
It is all in the mix, so stop selling us your quick fix

Take some roots and subordination
Take their wings and their chance to rise
On the loose with no education
Stirred up with our hooligans, gangs and tribes

The lost prophets committed the crime
While lost profits absorbed our time
What's at stake is more than a dime

It is all in the mix, so stop selling us your quick fix
We think that we live in unprecedented times, but it's all in the mix
Another end to the end of history